Trending Supplements You Need In Your Life

It is widely questioned across the globe if there are any supplements which are effective for maintaining your overall health and beauty. Which leaves us questioning the foods we consume, our skincare routine as well as our daily activities. Well you’ll be glad to know that today I’ll be discussing a few supplements known to improve your energy, hair, skin, nails as well as your heart and brain function.

The first supplement I’ll be talking about is Collagen – one of the latest hot topics in the health community. It’s no secret that this near magical supplement can promise a more youthful appearance for years to come but it is also amazing for many aspects of your body. Collagen can help to build muscle, prevent heart disease and much more.

Many do not know that collagen is actually your body’s most abundant protein, making up about ⅓ of your body’s protein composition. Studies have even shown that skin elasticity, skin moisture, transepidermal water loss and skin roughness has shown a statistically significant improvement by the end of the 8 weeks they were tested.

Not only this but collagen has been found to prevent joint pain and bone loss. It helps to maintain the integrity of your cartilage therefore protecting your joints against pain as you grow older.

The Acai berry is one of the most well known super fruits yet the western world only recently found out about it! It has high concentrations of immune boosting antioxidants, healthy fats, dietary fiber and essential amino acids – making it a great option to complement your healthy diet.

Acai is amazing for the health of your colon and digestion as well as heart health and bone density. Research shows that diets full of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich foods may lower your risk of a number of diseases. 

However, there are a few side effects which can come with the consumption of acai. Studies show that eating too many of these berries can cause a drop in blood pressure – which can be fatal to some.

Lastly, I’ll be discussing Omega 3 – which plays a huge role in a lot of our body’s processes from immunity and inflammation to brain development and heart health. We need this essential fatty acid for our body to function and for us to be healthy. Fatty acids such as DHA and EPA (which are found in Omega 3) can provide us with many health benefits – it provides protection against a number of diseases such as myocardial infarction (heart attacks), atherosclerosis and stroke. Not only this but Omega 3 cal also reduces blood pressure levels and raises good HDL cholesterol levels.

Brain development is a field in which Omega 3 becomes extremely beneficial. DHA is essential for our brain to function properly from before we were even born. Population studies which look at people’s regular diet shows that those with diets higher in DHA have a lower risk of declining brain function as they age. There’s even evidence to suggest that fish oil supplements may be able to help improve memory function in older people too.

Another benefit of both DHA and EPA is the maintenance of our muscle strength as we get older. Fish oil is one of the supplements which show extreme promise towards helping people to maintain muscle size and strength. Researchers have found that 3g of EPA and DHA per day can help to increase muscle size, grip strength and one rep max strength for a number of intense exercises.

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