All-In-One Multivitamins



This advanced formula contains B vitamins to improve energy release, vitamin C to boost your immune system, pantothenic acid and zinc to optimise mental performance, calcium to contribute to normal function of digestive enzymes and vitamin B6 to enhance protein and glycogen metabolism.
MULTIVITAMIN AND MINERAL TABLETS can increase your physical and mental vitality, strengthen your immune system and improve your ability to recover from intense sport and exercise.
Nutritional AnalysisPer TabletPer ServingVitamin E1.4mg2.8mgVitamin K10.5mcg1mcgVitamin C1.8mg3.6mgVitamin B1 [Thiamin]300μg600μgVitamin B2 [Riboflavin]300μg600μgVitamin B3 [Niacin]500μg1μgVitamin B6300μg600μgVitamin B9 [Folic Acid]10μg20μgVitamin B123μg6μgVitamin B7 [Biotin]3.6μg7.2μgVitamin B5 [Pantothenic Acid]1.1μg2.2μgPotassium500μg1mgCalcium7.2mg15mgMagnesium1mg2mgZinc300μg600μgCopper5.2μg10μgMaganese31μg62μgSelenium1.6μg3.2μgChromium2μg4μgMolybdenum0.5μg1μg Subtitle text example

All-In-One Multivitamins

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All-In-One Multivitamins

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All-In-One Multivitamins


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